Welcome to Papilionobx – vacation home in the village of Avon

Features and Amenities

The Outer Banks is a vacation wonderland that offers something for everyone. The lighthouses are an ever-popular attraction, as is the Wright Brother Memorial, where visitors can see a replica of Wilbur and Orville Wright’s plane that famously achieved the world’s first motorized flight. Jeep tours search for wild horses that still roam these barrier islands. Sports enthusiasts are delighted to discover a wide array of activities that include surfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, surf fishing, offshore fishing, hang gliding, skim boarding, and body boarding, among others. Canadian Hole, one of the world’s premiere sail boarding sites, is located just a few miles from Papillon. And of course, any such list must include our miles of unspoiled beaches.

For a complete listing of the amenities of our vacation home, please refer to our listing at Midgett Realty. (252) 986-2841 (North Carolina, USA) or (866) 348-8819 Toll Free.

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